Makeup Application

Your appointment is important to us and we wish to provide you the best services possible.


First of all,

o Please advise the Makeup Artist/s (MUA/s) you are booked in with of any allergies prior to your makeup/beauty application.

o Please be weary that eyelash extensions may throw the makeup application process "out of whack", therefore please keep that in mind. We provide the best full fluffy or individual lashes to best compliment your eye shape and enhance your makeup look.

Bridal and group services on location must provide the following for the MUA/s allocated for the appointment:

o Vital and adequate natural light in front of a window or door.
o Table/benchtop space 1m x 1m area.
o Bar stool for each MUA on the job, alternatively please advise if you do not

have and the MUA/s contracted will arrange bring their own.



o We require your full name, mobile number and possibly an email for confirmation of any booking.

o Upon booking any bridal services the “client” is required to sign the contracted agreement, provided by TMBP “Makeup Artist”.

o Bridal enquiries given less than 16 weeks notice to wedding date requires a 50% deposit (left at MUA's discretion) prior to securing in a trial date.

o You will receive a notification SMS from TMBP automated online booking system to confirm your booking showing date and time (no-reply number).

o As a courtesy, reminders for all appointments are sent out 72 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment via SMS also.



o Bridal quotes can be informally advised by TMBP MUA via email or on any social media personal inbox.

o If the “client” is happy with the quote and wishing to proceed with “pencilling” the wedding date a formal invoice/statement is raised and sent to “client” along with the contracted agreement for signing.

o Trials are organised thereafter, upon receiving the signed agreement. The wedding date is then pencilled in TMBP MUA’s diary.



o Bookings out of the Perth Metro area (Kimberley,Pilbara,Gascoyne,Mid-West, Wheatbelt, Goldfields/Esperance, Peel, South-west, Great Southern Regions of WA and the Eastern States) requires a compulsory 50% down payment to secure your booking.

o Bridal and Workshop bookings require a deposit of 50% to secure your appointment.

o All payments can be paid by bank transfer or cash.
o Quotes and prices are subject to change at any time without notice. However if

a deposit is paid, this guarantees no additional costs. This excludes additional MUA/s or assistant fees and/or location changes.




o Cancellation notification given less than 30 days for any bookings forfeit the deposit.


o Notification given 72 hours prior to your appointment time results in no charge.

o Notification of cancellation given less than 72 hours (Single bookings & 1:1 workshops 2-) forfeit the deposit or incur in a 50% additional fee upon next booking.

o Notification of cancellation given less than 14 days (Group bookings or Workshops 3+) forfeit the deposit.

o Notification of cancellation given less than 16 weeks for Bridal bookings forfeit the deposit.

o In the unlikely event that TMBP are unable to proceed with your booking at any notice time, TMBP will refund all monies paid and provide a list of referred services as replacement. We don't take responsibility for any losses occurred from our cancelled booking.



In the event you are more than 15 minutes late to your reserved appointment these are the options you must adhere to:

o Forfeit your appointment and pay the remaining monies owed; or
o Attend the remainder of your appointment and have partial completion of your makeup which is either 'Brows + Eyes' or 'Foundation + Contour/highlight'. Note regardless of this partial completion the total

appointment cost must be paid.

o Failure to show to your appointment results in a compulsory 50% down payment plus the full cost of the appointment where you failed to show upon next booking.

These fees will apply irrespective of the reasons for them, specifically including but not limited to medical illness, the actions of police or emergency services, or the fault of a third party.

Please understand that when you forget or do not cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, TMBP “Makeup Artist” miss the opportunity to fill that appointment and clients on our wait lists miss the opportunity to receive services.



We understand that sometimes life happens and schedules change, therefore we respectfully ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time.

In the event of an emergency where it may impact your reserved appointment that you contact us as soon as you can. You will receive an SMS 72 hours prior to your appointment as a reminder stating the date and time of your booking. This is a no reply number, If you need to respond or contact us please call Alex 0449669802 or DM us on Facebook or Instagram.



IMPORTANT! If you feel you are coming down or still recovering from a cold/virus/infection please advise the MUA you are booked in as soon as possible.

o If you are booked in with alexbronwynmua please be weary that she suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and cannot risk cross infection. By advising that you may be unwell asap, we can assist with finding another MUA, reschedule your appointment (bridal trials etc) or unfortunately cancel.

COVID-19: When the WA borders open, If you haven't been vaccinated unfortunately we cannot book you in for an appointment. Our girl Alex Bronwyn MUA is very venerable with her CF you must be vaccinated and not unwell to see her. 

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever and cough. Other symptoms include headache, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, aches and pains, loss of smell, altered sense of taste, runny nose, chills and vomiting. If you have any of these symptoms isolate yourself and head to a COVID-19 testing facility straight away. Please advise TMBP ASAP prior to your appointment to CANCEL. If you have these symptoms after an appointment please also advise TMBP ASAP, so that we can take the necessary precautions for COVID-19 safety. 

o If alexbronwynmua is advised of your cold/virus/infection on the day of the appointment she has a right to refuse service, which may incur in a 50% fee.


You will receive a SMS requesting a review of your experience with us 24 hours after your appointment. It would be greatly appreciated that you complete this for us when you are able, feel free to include your favourite photos as we'd love to see! Completing your review can be done here on the website under "Customer Ratings" or via Facebook at Alexbronwynmua's Facebook



o For Bridal bookings, you are welcome to add any T&C's on Brides behalf, please discuss with MUA.

o TMBP “Makeup Artist” do not take any responsibility for any loss or damage whilst/from working at any premises.

o  TMBP staff are not responsible for cross contamination or allergies, break outs after makeup application. All tools and makeup are fully sanitised and cleaned between clients and at the end of each working day to avoid germs, bacteria and skin cells living on products and tools. 


o Any PR/Collaborations with TMBP “Makeup Artist” is to be agreed upon in writing via email, stated in agreement and signed for. 

o TMBP “Makeup Artist” is not liable for any loss or damage to the company/business it is collaborating/PR/working with. 

o If the company/business choses to use any photos/work belonging to TMBP “Makeup Artist” all products to be mentioned and tagged at all times.

o Raw footage is TMBP "Makeup Artist" intellectual property. 

o The item chosen on the agreement is final. Any additional work can be agreed upon in writing via email, stated in agreement and signed for. 

o SOCIAL MEDIA BULLYING IS NOT TOLERATED. Any bullying/rude comments will be deleted and the account holder who is bullying will be blocked immediately from TMBP “Makeup Artist” Social Media accounts. 

o All monies invoiced and or received TMBP “Makeup Artist” is final and non refundable. 

o Time restrictions and guidelines can be discussed via email with TMBP “Makeup Artist”.  Allow 3-6 weeks for TMBP “Makeup Artist” to complete agreed work. 

o If TMBP “Makeup Artist” is unable to fullfill the company/business/PR request due to sickness, TMBP “Makeup Artist” will endeavour to make contact to discuss further. At worst scenario if the "Makeup Artist" is unable to complete the project agreed upon a full refund will be made and products will be sent back to owner. TMBP “ Makeup Artist” will not be liable for any loss or damages to the company/business/PR working with. 


In receiving confirmation of your appointment or assignment, it is at acknowledgment and acceptance of the above T&C's.

Thank you, TMBP