During the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking additional steps to make sure everyone can stay healthy and safe when YOU visit us or we visit you in your home or on location.

It is very important that you inform us in advance if anyone in your household, family, friends or persons in the bridal party is unwell, or self-isolating because they are at risk of becoming unwell, with COVID-19. Our owner Alex Bronwyn MUA is at an increased risk due to her illness Cystic Fibrosis. We endeavour to keep our staff, Alex and our clients protected. 

Unfortunately, due to strict public health requirements we will be unable to attend if we've been advised of those who are unwell. We will will be happy to reschedule your appointment for another time if need be. If this is a bridal booking, we shall do our best to find an alternative MUA to Alex Bronwyn if need be. Please see Terms and Conditions for credits and refunds. 

Upon making your booking, clients are required to confirm their vaccination status to complete their booking.


What TMBP is doing

You might also like to know about the measures TMBP has taken to manage the risks of exposure to COVID-19 when you visit us or when we visit clients’ homes or on location.

These include increased hygiene measures, hand sanitising or washing of hands before starting any services, physical distancing from other members in the room and wearing a mask at all times otherwise instructed by MUA to remove to complete makeup application/s.

What you can do 

It is important to us to be able to continue to provide our regular service to you and your family at this time.  

Please help us to manage the risks to the health and safety of our staff by cooperating with the measures we have outlined above. Do the same things for us that you are doing to keep your own family and friends healthy and well. 

This includes frequent hand washing, wearing your mask correctly, covering your nose and mouth when you need to cough or sneeze with the crook of your arm or clean tissue and observing rules for physical distancing.



  1. Sign in to the WA SAFE app.

  2. Sanitise your hands with the sanitiser available.


More information can be found on the Department of Health website: 

What are the symptoms of COVID-19? 

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever and cough. 

Other symptoms include headache, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, aches and pains, loss of smell, altered sense of taste, runny nose, chills and vomiting. 

Most people infected with COVID-19 will have a mild to moderate illness and will recover without special medical treatment. Some people, such as those with underlying medical problems or disease and older people, are more likely to suffer from more serious symptoms of the diseases. 


How is COVID-19 spread? 

The most likely way someone will catch the virus is by breathing in micro-droplets a person close to them has released by sneezing, coughing –or just breathing out. our Makeup Artists are at high risk working with their clients face/bodily fluids; nose, eyes, mouth. 

A person can, however, also catch it via the hand-to-face pathway: touching a surface where live virus material is present, then touching their mouth, nose or eyes.

Spread of COVID-19 is highest from people with symptoms.

Spread of COVID-19 before symptoms appear is less common. 

ADVISE TMBP/Alex Bronwyn MUA ASAP if you have any symptoms.  

Kind regards, Alex Bronwyn MUA.