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Hi there!


I'm Alex, otherwise known as Al, Alle, Wranga, Inksta or Bronwyn (which is my middle name by the way!) 


I'm your everyday girl with hopes and dreams. However my hopes and dreams may be a little harder to achieve, why? because I suffer from Cystic Fibrosis (CF). You will be surprised to know it has been my CF that has motivated and driven me to succeed in owning my own small business. 


Life for me is different. I don't know any different actually. I wouldn't know what it's like to wake up in the morning and not have CF.  My life is literally consumed of treatments; pills, nebulisers, chest physiology treatment, hospital visits, intravenous antibiotics regularly, and all the horrible symptoms that come with it; the scary haemoptysis episodes, constant coughing, breathlessness, chest infections, low immune system, headaches, pleurisy, bowel problems, drastic weight loss! the list goes on... you name it, I experience it.... ANYWAY, apart from the CF my passion for Makeup keeps me focused, busy and positive about life! It distracts me from feeling shit about CF. That’s why I love my followers/clients and why it’s important to me to keep real, true to myself and others and make sure that what I’m doing is keeping you all happy and interested/intrigued.

I show my life living with CF and my makeup portfolio on my social media pages. Links are under my profile photo on the left 👈🏻 Head to my social media and check out my work and feel a little inspired. 

I PRAY THAT ONE DAY THERE IS A CURE or a simple pill to stabilise CF more than whats already available. 

Without the support of my husband, family, friends & following/customers I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you for your ongoing support today and forever.

I hope to one day make a difference. Raise awareness for CF and be known for my makeup skills! :)

Lots of love, Alex. 


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